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At the Flying Pig Beach hostel we serve great hospitality. All we want is to make you feel home. The Flying Pig Beach Brand Values

Great hospitality

Have you ever been somewhere and felt truly welcome and comfortable from the moment you walked through the door?…

Hostel Style, the Flying Pig Beach is providing the quintessential hostel experience. Brand values
globetrotting backpackers

Hostel style

The Flying Pig Beach Hostel is into its 21st year of providing the quintessential hostel experience for globetrotting backpackers…

13 KM golden sand shoreline in Noordwijk will give you the perfect beach feeling, The Flying Pig Beach Brand Values
European Quality Coast

Beach location

Noordwijk boasts 13 km of golden sand shoreline, perfect for walking, water sports and relaxing. Located just 50m from the beach itself…

What has the Flying Pig Beach Hostel Noordwijk to offer

Things to do @ The Flying Pig Beach

Noordwijk surf scene at Beach Break

Beach Break

International Kiteboarding Organisation trained instructors teach a variety of kiteboarding lessons from solo lessons to group lessons and beginner to advanced. Beach break also offers surf lessons for those looking to shred some waves or for when the wind isn’t strong enough to kite. Beach Break also offers equipment rental for advanced kite surfers who haven’t got their own gear as well as kayaks, stand up paddle boards, surf boards and wetsuits. Free cancellation is available for kite surf lessons that have to be cancelled due to a lack of wind and the club also has a bottle bar for after a long day in the water. For more information as well as lesson booking, please see their website – beachbreak.nl/en

Gettting surf lessons at Lex surfschool

Lex Surfschool

If so then look no further than Lex Surf School. A friend of the hostel, Noordwijk native Alex has been surfing around the world for around 15 years. Alex is an ISA trained surf instructor as well as a trained lifeguard whose lesson focus on safety, enjoyment and personal attention. Whether you’re looking for group lessons or private lessons, Lex Surf School has you covered. For more information and lesson booking please see Alex’s website – lexsurfschool.nl/en

Yoga lessons at yoga Beach

Yoga Beach

Just a minutes’ walk from our front door is the Yoga Beach studio, run by friends of the hostel. The studio provides classes in the studio as well as on the beach weather permitting. With 7 fully qualified yoga instructors teaching multiple yoga styles from beginner to advanced, Yoga Beach is a great place to unwind during your stay. For the class schedule and more information see the website – yogabeach.nl

Cycling and walking around Noordwijk

Cycling and walking

Whether you’re a casual walker who likes an afternoon stroll through or an avid cycler who likes to push their limits, the sand dunes on the north and south of the town give you endless options. For the adrenaline junky mountain bikers amongst you, there are numerous trails through the dunes, ranging from 4 to 30 miles. If you’re looking for pre-planned walking or cycle routes, check out komoot.com, a great website with extensive information

Andre Kuipers Esa Space Expo

Esa Space Expo

Where around 2500 European Space Agency workers work hands on with mission design, spacecraft, satellites and space technology. In the same ESTEC complex lies the Space Expo, a permanent exhibition opened in 1990 by Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands. The expo provides an in depth, interactive look into space exploration that attracts over 100,000 visitors per year. For more information and tour booking see the space expo website – space-expo.nl/en

Atlantik-wall museum in Noordwijk

Atlantik wall Museum

in the form of an enormous bunker complex. Over 80 separate bunkers connected by around 500 meters of tunnels were built under the orders of Adolf Hitler between 1942 and 1944. Today the bunkers are used a museum offering an insight into the construction and uses of the bunkers during the war. For more information and tour booking see the atlantikwall museum website – atlantikwall.nl/en

 The Museum of Noordwijk near The Flying Pig Beach Hostel

Noordwijk museum

Just 2 minutes’ walk from our front door, the museum houses a large collection of pottery, sculptures and paintings by artists who have all lived and worked in Noordwijk itself. The museum will inform you about the coastal town’s fishing past and the history of Noordwijk. With temporary exhibitions organised every year along with their permanent collection, there is plenty to be learnt from the museum. Their website, with photographs of the different exhibitions as well as information on opening times and more can be found at museumnoordwijk.nl

Museum of Comic Art near The Flying Pig Beach Hostel

Museum of Comic Art

The MoCa has 2, high quality exhibitions per year compiled from the unique collection of one of the founders of the museum supplemented by pieces from other collections and even the authors themselves. Along with the 2 main exhibition, there are a number of small, permanent exhibitions to see throughout the year. A beautifully put together museum for comic lovers and anyone with an interest in any facet of art. You can find information on opening times and which exhibitions are in place on their website – museumofcomicart.nl

Local dining near The Flying Pig Beach Hostel

Local dining

Yan Thai is the one to go for if I fancy eating out or getting a takeway. They’ve got a separate menu for takeaway where you can get 2 meat dishes, a vegetable dish and rice for only €10, definitely worth a try!
Archie – For me, fast and fresh is a great place for a reasonably priced tex mex meal. Grab a takeaway burrito and eat on the beach, or eat in for a quick lunch. Their Jarritos Guava soda is amazing and you have to try the loaded fries!
Kim – I like to go with a group of people to La Cubanita. It’s a funky, Cuban style all you can eat tapas restaurant with over 50 different tapas choices. They’ve also got cocktails for just €5, that’s backpacker prices for sure!
Fanni – I love Indian food and Sunand is an amazing Anglo Indian restaurant just a couple of minutes’ walk from the hostel. They’ve got so many different options and loads of vegetarian choices too. It’s not the cheapest place in town, but it’s definitely worth the money!