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Great Hospitality

Great Hospitality

Have you ever been somewhere and felt truly welcome and comfortable from the moment you walked through the door? There’s a magic at the Flying Pig Beach that you can’t quite understand or quantify until you’ve been here. Our smiling, friendly staff will make you feel like you’re staying with family.

Through equality, respect and friendliness, we’ll provide you with an escape from normality and a freedom to fully be yourself. The friends, experiences and memories you make will surely leave you wanting to stay again!

Laidback terras the Flying Pig Beach

Hostel style

The Flying Pig Beach Hostel is into its 21st year of providing the quintessential hostel experience for globetrotting backpackers. With our Caribbean inspired bar area, funky themed dorm rooms and upmarket ensuites, the classic hostel décor can be seen throughout. They say the
kitchen is the heart of the home and here at the pig it’s no different.

Our open, communal kitchen gives you the opportunity to cook up a feast with your new found friends. Whether you’re looking to grab a surfboard and hit the waves, chill out with a book on the sundeck or share stories over a beer at the bar, we’ve got you covered.

The Flying Pig Beach in Noordwijk is the ultimate beach destination


Noordwijk boasts 13km of white sand shoreline, perfect for walking, watersports and relaxing. Awarded yet another Blue Flag Award for committing to keeping the swimming waters clean as well as a European Quality Coast mark for its high standards of coastal management, Noordwijk’s connection with the beach is intrinsic to its identity.
Located just 50m from the beach itself, you can hear the waves from our front door!Escape the chaos of Amsterdam city centre and enjoy the serenity of beach life. Lounge on the chill out sofa stage or party in the bar, the choice is yours! Surf, kite surf, skim board or body board, test your limits with a wide range of water sports.

We are an awesome team
of Pig lovers!

There’s a magic at the Flying Pig Beach that you can’t quite understand or quantify until you’ve been here.


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