Located half way between Amsterdam and Den Haag, Noordwijk is the perfect location for the ‘off the beaten track backpackers’ looking to discover what the Netherlands has to offer outside of our world renowned capital city. Surrounded on all sides by natural beauty in the form of sand dunes, flower fields and stunning coastline, Noordwijk offers a perfect mix of town and countryside. With kilometres of walking routes and cycle tracks through rolling sand dunes and a coastline as far as the eye can see, there’s plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy. In 2020, Noordwijk was named as a spa and wellness town, boasting multiple yoga studios, massage parlours, saunas and spas. A bustling shopping street lined with clothes stores, cafes, perfumeries, jewellers and souvenir shops, offers something for everyone.

The beach is the heart of the town throughout the summer months with more than 10 restaurant beach bars providing a wide range of different cuisines to choose from. Sip a cocktail whilst lounging on a terrace with a view of the sea or grab some takeaway fries to eat and dip your toes in the water. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t miss the sunset, the sun setting on the water here is something you don’t want to miss!

Beautifull tulips not from Amsterdam

Noordwijk boasts 13km of white sand shoreline, perfect for walking, water sports and relaxing. Awarded yet another Blue Flag Award for committing to keeping the swimming waters clean as well as a European Quality Coast mark for its high standards of coastal management, Noordwijks’ connection with the beach is intrinsic to its identity. Located just 50m from the beach itself, you can hear the waves from our hostels front door!

A Kite surfers’ paradise due to high winds and good breaking waves, Noordwijk is a destination for kite surfers from around the globe. With 3 sandbars creating 3 wave breaks producing 0.5-4m waves, Noordwijk is also perfect for beginner surfers trying surfing for the first time as well as experienced surfers looking to hone their skills. Don’t forget to wear a wetsuit in the colder months as the water temperature can drop to around 8°c. We have 2 surfboards to rent for free through the hostel and wetsuits to rent as well. The Flying Pig Beach Hostel has a partnership with ‘Lex Surf School’, a Noordwijk native and highly experienced surfer who offers reasonably priced group and solo surf lessons for people of all abilities, from beginner to advanced. At the north end of Noordwijk beach you will find ‘Beachbreak’ water sports centre, providing surf & kitesurf lessons along with rentals of surfboards, kitesurf equipment, SUPs and kayaks. After your lesson there’s no need to rush home, grab a drink or some food from the surf café at Beachbreak.

Known as the Bollenstreek (bulb region), the area in which Noordwijk is located, is known globally for its production of flower bulbs for sale nationally and internationally from Spring to Autumn. Covering 79 acres of land, with over 7 million bulbs planted annually into beautifully striking designs, Keukenhof is the jewel in the crown of the Bollenstreek. Situated in the town of Lisse, easily accessible

by public transport from Noordwijk, Keukenhof was opened in 1950 and has become one of the most visited attractions in The Netherlands. Open for just 8 weeks a year, Keukenhof welcomed 1,500,000 visitors from The Netherlands and around the globe in 2019 alone. During spring time, the numerous tulip fields of the Bollenstreek become tourist attractions in their own right. The millions of beautiful, multicoloured tulips create a striking patchwork of colour throughout the region. In late April, the streets from Noordwijk to Haarlem are temporarily closed to allow a procession of floral floats, marching bands and decorated cars to make their way from town to town whilst spectators cheer from the pavement.

Beautifull tulips not from Amsterdam
Space Expo

Noordwijk’s aan zee’s history dates back to around 1200 and has become a popular holiday destination in The Netherlands with over 1,000,000 overnight stays per year. During the second world war, under German occupation, Noordwijk’s location on the North Sea coast was utilised for building coastal defences in the form of an enormous bunker complex. Over 80 separate bunkers connected by around 500 meters of tunnels were built under the orders of Adolf Hitler between 1942 and 1944. Today the bunkers are used a museum offering an insight into the construction and uses of the bunkers during the war. Noordwijk is home to the European Space Research and Technology Centre, where around 2500 European Space Agency workers work hands on with mission design, spacecraft, satellites and space technology. In the same ESTEC complex lies the Space Expo, a permanent exhibition opened in 1990 by Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands. The expo provides an in depth, interactive look into space exploration that attracts over 100,000 visitors per year.

Surrounding Areas

Leiden is located just 30 minutes by bus from The Flying Pig Beach hostel front door. A vibrant student town with countless bars and restaurants and the visual beauty of Amsterdam. Jump on a canal cruise and see the 16th & 17th century architecture from below street level, walk the cobbled backstreets or browse the multiple shopping districts running throughout the city. The remains of the 12th century Burcht Van Leiden sit in the heart of the Leiden next to the enormous 15th century Hooglandse Kerk and offer a 360° bird’s eye view of the historic city centre. Every Saturday, Leiden is home to one of the best markets in The Netherlands, making the city a great weekend destination. Leiden’s train station offers easy links to the rest of the country as well as international train lines to each of the countries surrounding The Netherlands.

The Hague (Den Haag) is the third largest city in The Netherlands and the capital of the province of South Holland. Easily accessible by bus from Noordwijk, with a population of over 1 million people, this historic city is one of the most important cities in Europe due to it being home to the International Criminal Court and the International Court Of Justice. The Hague is home to over 35 museums, offering everything from the worlds largest private collection of automobiles, multiple art galleries, a museum dedicated crime and punishment through the ages and even a miniature village to demonstrate Dutch living and society. The seaside resort of Scheveningen covers 6km of North Sea coastline to the West on the centre of The Hague. The sea life aquarium, modern art museum, multiple restaurants & bars, a giant ferris wheel at the end of the pier and various other attractions make Scheveningen a must see whilst visiting The Netherlands.

Rotterdam is quickly becoming one of the most sought after cities to visit in Europe due to its vibrant nightlife, funky modern architecture, busy shopping districts, countless museums and attractions and thriving food scene. Designed in the late 1970’s, the cube houses of Rotterdam, with their bright yellow cladding and slanted walls have become internationally recognisable for their striking appearance. Rotterdam’s market hall is a ginormous indoor market boasting over 100 fresh produce stalls, 15 food stores and 8 restaurants making it a foodie’s heaven! Rotterdam Zoo is located in the district of Blijdorp, with an indoor oceanarium and Amazonian botanical garden, it offers a great day trip for all ages. Whether you’re hoping for a day trip shopping, a day visiting museums & art galleries, a day sampling some incredible food or a crazy night out on the town, Rotterdam has what you’re looking for.

Rotterdam and its vibrant nightlife.

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