Terms & conditions

Please note that any changes/cancellations to Beach reservations need to be directly to Beach Hostel beachhostel@flyingpig.nl. Amsterdam Head Office does not handle any Beach Hostel Reservations.

We have a pretty laid-back atmosphere at the Flying Pig Hostels with smoking areas and shared dormitories. If you’re young at heart – you’re bound to enjoy what we offer. However to maintain our chilled atmosphere we do not allow:

  • Anyone under 18 years of age
  • Guests aged 40 or above must book a private room, incorrect bookings will be required to upgrade (availability dependent) or cancel with charges.
  • Stag parties
  • Hen parties
  • Groups of Soccer fans in the city for international or national matches
  • Pets
  • Groups over 8 people must be booked by email.

We require an in date government approved – passport or national ID card at check-in.

Read the above carefully! In the event of a false booking, there will be no check in nor will there be a refund!

Reservations can only be made with a MasterCard or Visa credit card. We have a maximum stay of 7 nights. If you haven’t paid for your booking online, you will need to pay upon arrival and have the option to pay with credit card/ bankcard or cash (€).

We make every effort to accommodate you in the dormitory size of your choice. However, because of the nature of our business, we may have to place you in a different sized dormitory. As a result, the balance of your reservation can be slightly different than what is stated on your confirmation.

Our reception is open 24/7. If you arrive after 01:00, you are required to leave your passport as a deposit until you complete your payment the next morning. Our tills are closed from 01.00-9.00 for security reasons.

You will be charged for all bookings you make. Please make sure you book at the hostel of your choice (Downtown, Uptown or the Beach Hostel, which is NOT in Amsterdam).

All nights of accommodation must be paid for on arrival or prior to your stay.

If you would like to make a reservation through a 3rd party booking engine, please check the terms and conditions and the cancellation policies before making a reservation! The reservation and cancellation terms and conditions stated on this website apply to bookings made directly on this website with the Flying Pig only.

The hostel cannot be held responsible for any issues with terms and conditions of other booking sites. Please contact the original booking site for cancellations/changes.

Groups over 8 people cannot book online but have to request a group booking by email: beachhostel@flyingpig.nl

All other general house rules apply to all bookings.

Make your reservation by calling the Flying Pig hostel of your choice. When you make a reservation by phone you will always receive a confirmation email from our staff, please make sure you check if all the information is correct.

Make your reservation by e-mailing the Flying Pig hostel of your choice. When you make a reservation by e-mail you always receive a confirmation email from our staff, please make sure you check if all the information is correct.

For any group booking made, we will always attempt to allocate beds in the same rooms. If you have made separate bookings, please send an email to beachhostel@flyingpig.nl with the reservation numbers of the separate bookings and we will do our best to allocate you in the same room. Please be aware however than this is not always possible even when trying our best to do so.

We have a three week cancellation policy. If cancelled at least 3 weeks in advance, there is no charge. A full refund will be issued for 100% payments ( this does not include credit card cost). If you cancel within the 3 weeks before arrival, the cancellation fee equals the first night of the stay. If 100% has been paid, the other nights will be refunded. If you paid only 10%, please note that this is non-refundable.

Please note that if you want to remove a bed without 3 weeks’ notice the first night cancellation fee will apply for that bed.

Your booking is cancelled when you receive a personal e-mail reply confirming your cancellation. If you do not receive this confirmation the cancellation is not processed.

Please read the following terms and conditions regarding cancellations carefully before before sending us the cancellation by email.

Cancellations have to be made at least 3 weeks before arrival date.

Only when you receive a personal reply with the confirmation of your cancellation, you can be sure that your booking has been cancelled.

Here is how to cancel a reservation:

1. Send an email to beachhostel@flyingpig.nl (in English)

2. Put in Subject: CANCELLATION + Name used in reservation

Write in your e-mail:

3. Your reservation numbers (Make sure you state the reference numbers of all the different bookings you want to cancel. We only cancel the bookings with the given reference numbers so in case of a no show, you will be charged for any remaining bookings!

4. Which hostel you booked for:

5. Arrival date

6. Number of nights

7. Number of people

8. Your telephone number

After you have sent us the details above, you will receive a personal email from our Head Office that confirms your cancellation. If you do not receive this confirmation, your cancellation may not have been processed

  • Always send your name, reference number and reservation details with your cancellation request so the reservation can be found in the Flying Pig system
  • Before 9am or after 5pm you have to call the hostels directly. Write down the date and hour of cancelling and the name of the person you spoke to. On request an extra confirmation of your cancellation can be send to you by email
  • If you have booked through a 3rd party booking agent, you will have to cancel via their website.

Note: Make sure you cancel all your bookings at the right hostels! If you do not do this, you will be charged as a no-show for all the remaining bookings.

For general matters, please call us on +31 (0) 713622533 during office hours (09:00-01:00) or email beachhostel@flyingpig.nl. For urgent matters you can call outside of our office hours but be aware certain requests may not be able to be fulfilled outside of our office hours. We do our best to respond to emails as quickly as possible, however for non-urgent matters please allow up to 3 days for a reply.

After making the reservation you will receive an email with your booking details and confirmation number. Make sure you bring this confirmation with you to the hostel that you booked with; otherwise reservation confusion will be at your own responsibility

If you do not receive this confirmation from us, your booking may not be finalised.

Please note these conditions also apply to any changes made to a booking.

Do you want to add or remove a night or person in your reservation or change your date?
Then please first read the following terms and conditions in regards to changing your reservation carefully before sending us the changes by email.

  1. Send an email to beachhostel@flyingpig.nl (in English)
  2. Put in Subject: Change Reservation + Name used in reservation
    Write in your e-mail:
  3. Your reservation number(s)
  4. Arrival date
  5. Number of nights
  6. Number of people
  7. Your telephone number
  8. Describe the changes you want to make
    Once we have this information, we will do our best to amend the bookings to your needs. You will then receive a email confirming the requested change(s). If you do not receive this confirmation, your change(s) may not have been processed.

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